Bookkeeping Toolkit

This practical 25+ page Toolkit is designed to help participants lift themselves and their families out of poverty by gaining basic bookkeeping skills which enhance the opportunity for success in a business.

As a Trainer you’ll receive so much:
  • Simplified Bookkeeping Template
  • Session Overview/Objectives to ensure a good fit
  • Supply Requirements List to save you time
  • Preparation List to easily organize the session
  • Word-for-word Training Script for world-class facilitation
  • User-friendly Participant Notes Page to increase retention
  • A gift from us to enhance your impact:
    Engaging Facilitation Tips from our Global Training Experts

This Toolkit helps people living in poverty to:
  • Discover the importance of recording money inflow and money outflow for a business
  • Learn to successfully use a simplified, basic Bookkeeping Template
  • Learn how to permanently capture income and expenses to evaluate the profitability of a business