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Street Business School (SBS) is on a mission to end extreme poverty. Our ready-to-deliver entrepreneurial training program builds confidence and provides practical business skills. During the weekly, interactive program, two of your staff members will learn how to deliver our adaptable training to the people you serve.

Street Business School is your proven and effective solution if:

• You provide social programs for people living in poverty
• Increasing your beneficiaries' income would support your mission

Training Tools to Spark Poverty Eradication

Remember the first time someone recognized a spark in you, a drive, a purpose that you hadn’t seen yourself? Remember the way your heart sang when you then saw it for yourself & felt the significance of what you have the power to do?

At Street Business School, we believe every person deserves to experience the spark and feel that confidence. We believe that spark is stronger than oppression, more tenacious than poverty, more powerful than helplessness.

Create this spark for the people that your organization serves with the array of SBS Trainer Tool resources below.

Set the world on fire with our secret to success, our WORLD-CHANGER MODEL

Street Business School trains people to launch micro-businesses, gain confidence and leave poverty behind...forever.

What others say about our engaging & transformative business training & how it changes lives:

"Impact Millions"

"You have definitely impacted a life that will in return impact millions."

"Great Impact"

"...I have acquired a knowledge on how to train my community to start and run a successful business to fight against poverty. I believe that this training will have a great impact in my community, country, and the world in general..."

"Changed My Life"

"Just as the training has changed my life, I am sure that it will change the lives of many others, I do not doubt it. The modules were well prepared. The trainers were well trained and they love what they do."

"You Rock!!!"

"The most practical workshop I have ever attended. Engaging and transformative. SBS team: You ROCK!!! My payback is working super hard to change the lives back home."

"Great Model"

"Great model. Simplified and transformative."

"Much Insight"

" Much insight has been molded into me in the various ways of interacting/approaching the community, while addressing their livelihoods without infringing on their personal space. This will go a lot in empowering the women in our organization as a step in inspiring their livelihoods."


"Personally, the SBS Immersion Workshop has been transformative. I am walking away with a different perspective on business, money management, saving, and identifying business opportunities. The workshop content has been presented in a simple manner, a manner in that made us [sic] easily connect and remember the people that we serve. I am walking away with knowledge and resources that will enable me to change lives in Tanzania."

"Beyond Amazing"

"It was beyond amazing and totally worth my while. Street Business School is a honest and sincere organisation, my capacity was built in way [sic] promised before the Immersion Workshop and even beyond my expectations. This has ignited in me a deeper urge to significantly contribute to the eradication of poverty. ... As I return to my country, I return with a fully unique and skillfully built capacity to ignite potential and end poverty."

"Best Ever Training"

"This has been the best ever training I ever took and trust me, I've taken quite a few. Its impact on my life is real time, as in immediately."

"Best and Most Impactful Workshop"

"It turned out to be the best and most impactful workshop/seminar I have ever attended."

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